Verre Villeneuve

Villeneuve 47cl – D 8.7cm x H 22.7cm

Villeneuve 54cl – D 9cm x H 24.8cm

Villeneuve 73cl – D 10cm x H 25.8cm

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Full Description

The Villeneuve collection is dedicated to high gastronomy. With a revisited tulip shape, the lines of the five new Villeneuve stemmed glasses combine lightness and balance. The capacities of 47.5 cl to 74 cl magnify the organoleptic experience of great wines on the tables of starred restaurants. The Villeneuve stemmed glasses retain their brilliance and transparency, even after 2,000 trips through the industrial dishwasher, thanks to their crystalline material. The Lys Exaltation 30 cl and the Macaron 40 cl Tumbler are the perfect complement to Villeneuve on the table.

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