Verre Princesa

34 cl – 11 1/2 oz – D 6.5cm – H 14.5cm

47 cl – 15 3/4 oz – D 7cm – H 16cm

Full Description

Three stemmed glasses, a flute and three tumblers make up the iconic Princesa collection, whose classic tulip shape has won the favour of bars and restaurants. This long line is perfect for all kinds of consumption. The generous bowls are perfect for appreciating red or white wines. The large formats are designed for fizzy drinks, water and long drinks, but can also be used for cocktails, with ice cubes that toy with the colours. The low-sided version of the tumbler can become a whiskey glass or be used to serve sweet or savoury mini-bites. Multi-purpose and extremely strong, this range in tempered glass will unlock your creativity. You can use it with the Margarita and Martini cocktail glasses to create harmonious style.

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