Round Clip Top Jar

Jar 490 – 0.5L – D 11.5cm H 11cm

Jar 491 – 1L – D 11cm H 18cm

Jar 492 – 1.5L – D 13.7cm H 23cm

Jar 493 – 2L – D 13.7cm H 25.5cm

Jar 494 – 3L – D 14cm H 28.5cm

Full Description

The ever-popular KilnerĀ® Clip Top storage jars have the ‘Kilner’ brand embossed on the front of the jar and are finished with an orange rubber seal. These jars are perfect for storing a whole range of dry food stuffs such as rice, flour, tea and coffee etc. The jars are also the perfect companion for preserving fruits, jams and chutneys.

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