Kaminomoto Shampoo

Shampoo: 300ml


Full Description

Effective medical acidic shampoo against dandruff and itch. For those who are using a Kaminomoto hair lotion. It keeps hair and scalp healthy and clean.
Makes scalp clean by germicidal power. Pre-care Shampoo for arranging pores environment of scalp.


1. Wash hair with warm water.
2. Take a proper quantity of the shampoo on your palm, froth it and shampoo your hair and scalp with the foam.
3. Shampoo like massage scalp with fingertips.
4. Wash it out with adequate amount of water. It is the important point.
When you use a lot of shampoo, it overtakes sebum and may be the origin of dry scalp or dandruff. Use proper quantity of shampoo.

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