Electric Chafing Dish

Electric Rectangular Chafer X88187 – 13.5L

Full Description

  • 220V AC, 50/60Hz, 760W
  • Water pan is made of heat resistant polypropylene
  • Temperature control knob to adjust the temperature and also connected to an on/off switch
  • Automatically cut off thermostat for safety
  • Clear polycarbonate roll-top cover
  • 13.5 litre food pan

Sunnex EcoCater electric water pan is used with a Sunnex 1/1 chafing set and can take a single 1/1 Sunnex gastronorm pan up to 100mm depth or two 4 litre bain maries soup pots. It is designed to keep food warm within the food pan or soup warm within the bain maries in the chafing unit.
The water pan is designed in a compact size for saving on the cost of transport.


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